Tooth Coloured Fillings

Tooth coloured fillings or composite fillings are the preferred option today. 

Modern tooth coloured fillings

Today more than ever before, we are more conscious of our looks. Thatincludes our smile, and people don't want silver fillings that show when they laugh or smile.

Modern tooth coloured fillings use materials that are strong and  very long lasting. The materials which they are made up of depend on the particular product your dentist uses. At Ernevale House we use only high quality filling materials, and your dentist will be happy to give you further information about  the particular product they use.

Tooth coloured (composite) fillings are proving more favourable today over the amalgam “silver” fillings.

The silver fillings are not only unsightly as they soon turn black, but they have mercury in them.

Ceramic Inlays

These are alternative to composite fillings, which may be recommended by your dentist. After the cavity is prepared, an impression is taken and sent to the laboratory where a ceramic filling is constructed and is then returned to us. The inlay is then cemented into the cavity. These are stronger than the white fillings, and restore the tooth to its original shape colour and size, and function to a better degree.